Name: Amelia Bothel

Age: 27
Residence: Seattle, Washington
Occupation: Veterinarian Technician
Years involved with Iditarod: 2

Iditarod Role: Veterinarian Technician for the returned dogs
Current Location: Lakefront Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska. 
Date of Photo: March 19, 2020
Temperature: 34F/Outdoors

What, who or how and when did you first get involved with the Iditarod?

I got involved with the Iditarod last year and I had been following it for a long time. I had a sled dog as a child, a Chinook, and she was not fit to be a sled dog. But I got interested in it, so made a little sled and we would go around the neighborhood. And since then, I’ve been involved with dog sports and had the opportunity to volunteer starting last year with the EKG program.

What is your Why? Why are you here TODAY and involved with the Iditarod?

I’m here today and involved with the Iditarod because I’m just here for the dogs and of course the mushers, too. I saw such a strong bond between the mushers and the dogs working the EKG program last year, I wanted to see a little bit more of the race action this year, so returned to work with the return dogs. And I have been happy to see happy dogs and happy to help them when they need us.

Tell me about just one of your most memorable Iditarod experiences.

One of my most memorable Iditarod experiences was just realizing how close this whole community is. You can find connections with everyone that works here. We’re just such a strong group of people and it’s nice to connect with everybody here and on out.

What do you know for sure?:

What I know for sure in life is you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow.


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