Name: Bundy

Age: 3

Male or Female: Male
Owner: Dan Kaduce

Musher currently running this dog: Dan Kaduce

What Team Position(s) does it run? He is a team dog/wheel dog

Number of completed Iditarod races? 2

Current Location: Nome, Alaska

Date of Photo: March 17, 2022
Temperature: 2F Outside

What are his/her unique personality characteristics?

Bundy’s personality is that of kind of the silent charmer. He’s not a big barker or a jumper around, but he loves attention. Yeah, is just an all-around sweet guy, much like the other dogs in his litter.

What is that litter’s “theme” name?…and other siblings’ names from that litter?

His litter was named after famous psychopaths, which are Dahmer and Manson and Holmes.

What is his/her Bloodlines?

And his bloodline comes from a Martin Buser female crossed with a Jeff King male.



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