Name: Frank Flavin

Residence: Anchorage, Alaska

Age: 70

Occupation: Photographer

Years involved with Iditarod: 10

Past Iditarod Roles: As a photographer

Current Location: Settler’s Bay Lodge in Wasilla, Alaska
Date of Photo: March 1, 2022

Temperature: 68 F Indoors

What, who or how and when did you first get involved with the Iditarod?

I first started photographing Iditarod in 1979. Photograph three full races and over 10 years, other parts of the trail, as well as Nome.. Shooting for Alascom

What was one of your most memorable Iditarod experiences?

One of the highlights was I was shooting for Alascom and used to give the Halfway Award at the Iditarod checkpoint. And at the Iditarod checkpoint, I got to spend the night with Dick Wilmar in his cabin, who was the first guy to win the Iditarod.

What does the 50th running of the Iditarod mean to you?

Amazing that the Iditarod is now on its 50th year. We worked on the book Iditarod the first 10 years, so 50 years is pretty amazing and Redington dream came true.
New Speaker:
Well, the Iditarod brought me and my wife together. We met in Nome, and that was that, and that was 31 years ago. So, the Iditarod has brought a lot of people together in many ways. In us, our marriage.



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