Name: Iroc

Age: 5

Male or Female: Male
Owner: Paige Drobny

Musher currently running this dog: Paige Drobny

What Team Position(s) does it run? Swing and lead

Number of completed Iditarod races? 3

Current Location: Nome, Alaska

Date of Photo: March 17, 2022
Temperature: 2F Outside

What are his/her unique personality characteristics?

Iroc’s personality is…he’s a goofball. He’s the dog that makes fun of me all the time. I’ve never really heard a dog laugh before, but he laughs. If I get mad at something that someone’s doing in the team or at him. He has this way of putting his ears back, and looking at me, and making this noise that I can tell he’s just laughing at me. And so it’s hard to stay mad at whatever they’ve done.

What is that litter’s “theme” name?…and other siblings’ names from that litter?

Iroc’s litter was named after cars and there’s two litters that were the same parents. So his litter mates…there’s a lot of them. Trax, Coupe de Ville, Sierra, Volt, Astro, Onix, El Camino and Malibu. And then the first litter was Chevelle, Nova, Cuda, Vega and Datsun.

What is his/her Bloodlines?

So let’s see… His mom comes from a Randy Smith dog and a Mackey dog. And then his dad comes from Osmar lines.



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