Name: Dale Myers

Age: 77
Residence: Wasilla, Alaska

Occupation: Retired
Years involved with Iditarod: Since 1989

Iditarod Role: Assistant to Iditarod Development Director Greg Bill & more
Current Location: Iditarod HQ Wasilla, Alaska
Date of Photo: June 26, 2021

Temperature: 64 F outdoors

What, who or how and when did you first get involved with the Iditarod?

I first saw the Iditarod on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in the early ’80s. And finally, I was in a position towards the end of the ’80s to move to Alaska. Matter of fact, I retired in the end of ’88. I was up here early ’89, and immediately sought out and met Joe and Vi Redington. From then on it was just more and more involvement each year until I was fully immersed.

What is your Why? Why are you here TODAY and involved with the Iditarod?

I want to be still involved with Iditarod, the spirit is still there. I’ve been gone for four years. I intend to be a full-time volunteer again in some capacity in any way that I can help this event take place.

Tell me about just one of your most memorable Iditarod experiences.

One of my most memorable Iditarod experiences was with Joe Redington on the trail with the Iditarod Challenge. We left the day after the racers left, followed the trail all the way to Nome. I was first under the arch in Nome amongst the amateurs, but being with Joe on the trail and watching him work the dogs-it was amazing!

What do you know for sure?:

What I know in life for sure is that everything changes, nothing stays the same. In ways, it’s bad, some ways it’s very good, but you never know. Take one day at a time.


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