Name: Debbie Brady

Age: 59

Residence: Benson, North Carolina

Occupation: Data steward for salesforce with Honeywell

Years involved with Iditarod: Only 2…this is my second year

Iditarod Role: I’m a volunteer, so we just serve different roles. So like with security. Yesterday we did setup, so we set up all the fencing and the signage and everything. So we’re just, yeah, all of that.

Current Location: Willow Community Center

Date of Photo: March 5, 2023

Temperature: 0 degrees



What, who or how and when did you first get involved with the Iditarod?

Became involved with Iditarod through Graceworks Alaska two years ago.

What is your Why? Why are you here TODAY and involved with the Iditarod?

I am here today and involved with Iditarod because I think it is a historic opportunity to be able to be involved with the Iditarod and the greatest dog sled race through Graceworks Alaska. It also enables us to be able to share the love of Jesus in volunteering.

Tell me about just one of your most memorable Iditarod experiences:

One of my most memorable Iditarod experiences was seeing the dog sled teams come down that chute for the very first time.

What in life do you know for sure?

What I know for sure in life is that I have eternal salvation with Jesus Christ.


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