Name: Riot

Age: 6

Male or Female: Male

Owner: Mitch Seavey

Musher currently running this dog: Gerhardt Thiart

Team Position(s): All over. Great leader, great swing, great point dog, team dog, wheel dog, versatile, he runs every position perfectly.

Number of completed Iditarod races: 2. This will be his third.

Current Location: Willow Community Center

Date: March 5, 2023

Temperature: 4



What are his/her unique personality characteristics?

Riot’s unique personality is of seriousness. He is all business. But he’s got a mixed side. He’s got a very serious face, when he’s got to do the job he’ll realize that’s his job to do. But when it’s time to play, he’s very playful and sometimes he’s not sure whether he now can play or not, and I allow him to play a lot.

What is that litter’s “theme” name?…and other siblings’ names from that litter?

Riot’s litter was named after, I have no idea. I’ve only been two or three years here with Mitch and I’ve got no idea how they come up with it. This is what I do know currently happened, Mitch’s grandchildren has the first right to name a litter. Just think out names, there’s no theme to it currently, but last year I ran a few dogs with theme names. Siblings are Renny, Gallo, Pluto, and they are currently all on the A team right now.

What is the bloodline?

Riot’s bloodline comes from a female called Roxy and once again, the famous dad, Pilot.


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