Name: Sir Q

Age: 7

Male or Female: Male
Owner: Lisbet Norris

Musher currently running this dog: Lisbet Norris

What Team Position(s) does it run?  Team

Number of completed Iditarod races? 0

Current Location: McGrath, Alaska

Date of Photo: March 10, 2022
Temperature: 19F Outside

What are his/her unique personality characteristics?

He’s shy around folks that he doesn’t know, but once he warms up to you he is really sweet and friendly. What is that litter’s “theme” name and other siblings’ names from that litter? He was a singleton puppy, just one in the litter. His mom’s name was Princess, and she had been bred once before, and again she had only had one puppy, so there’s the Princess and her Pea. It was a little girl, so it was Princess and Pea, and so we bred here again, and again she only had one puppy, and after P comes Q, so he’s Sir Q. Sir Q 

What is the bloodline?

Sir Q is an Anadyr Siberian from Alaskan Kennels.




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