Name: Oskar

Age: 6

Male or Female: Male
Owner: Lisbet Norris

Musher currently running this dog: Lisbet Norris

What Team Position(s) does it run?  Lead

Number of completed Iditarod races? 0

Current Location: McGrath, Alaska

Date of Photo: March 10, 2022
Temperature: 19F Outside

What are his/her unique personality characteristics?

We do a lot of tours, the Drive Your Own Dog Team tours, so a lot of dogs have the opportunity to run in front, as lead dogs in these small teams, but there’s a big difference between just being able to run up front and to be the lead dog, in the very front of the team and Oskar, he’s a slower dog. I think maybe that’s why I haven’t given him much opportunity to be in lead, because then he would just go Oskar pace, but Oskar pace has been perfect and he’s been raring to go. We ran through a pretty tough storm to get here. It was snowing really heavily, trail blowing away as soon as we passed, tons of trail breaking, we couldn’t see the trail, so we spent a lot of time wandering around looking for it, just kind of feeling it with our feet, and the dogs were getting a little tired after nine hours of this, but Oscar was just standing there, wagging his tail, like a little lunatic. He was thriving in the storm. It was incredible to see. I couldn’t believe it, just so happy and really just the epitome of a Siberian husky; just, storm, no big deal. Just wants to keep going down the trail, wagging his little stubby tail and just barking. The drive that he was exhibiting was incredible to me. Yeah. If you had to told me two weeks ago that I’d be running Iditarod with Oskar in single lead, I would not have believed you. He’s amazing, and I’m so thankful for him.

What is that litter’s “theme” name?…and other siblings’ names from that litter?

I can’t remember if there is or not. I can’t remember. I don’t think so

What is the bloodline?

Oskar is an Anadyr Siberian from Alaskan Kennels.




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