Age: 34
Residence: ALASKA

Occupation: PILOT
Years involved with Iditarod: 3 YEARS

Iditarod Role: Volunteer Pilot
Current Location: Willow Airport — Willow, AK
Date of Photo: February 20, 2021
Temperature: -23F / -30C Outdoors

What, who or how and when did you first get involved with the Iditarod?

I first got involved with the Iditarod because it was a race that I’d actually followed as a kid even. And when I got a chance to help out and help see the race succeed it was one of the best opportunities I had.

What is your Why? Why are you here TODAY and involved with the Iditarod?

I’m here today and I’m involved with the Iditarod because I’m helping take supplies out to the checkpoints to get them set up. I’m back again because it’s a great group of people. It’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy being out here.

Tell me about just one of your most memorable Iditarod experiences.

My most memorable Iditarod experience was out in McGrath last year, got with some pilots that I didn’t know real well at the time, but I had known them over the years. And I got to go out and fly to some new places that I’d never been and really explore some new areas with those experienced pilots and have them help me through it.

What do you know for sure?:

What I know for sure in life is it’s all about good people and good memories.

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